Chemo #3

I had my third chemo treatment on Friday. Usually after chemo I’m not that bad but this time I felt really crappy. Appetite is hard to come by after chemo but I sucked down a bowl of chicken soup and about an hour later as I was relaxing watching TV I barely made it to the bathroom to vomit it all up.

The incredible thing is I feel great after I throw up. The nausea subsides and I’m just hungry again. My doctor gave me a sample of some patch called Sancuso which is supposed to be a 7 day anti-nausea med. So far I can’t say I see a big difference but who knows, maybe I would have felt even crappier. I’m still taking my Compazine if I feel queazy.

Another weird effect I’m feeling is my taste buds seem to have lost some of their spark. I wasn’t very hungry yesterday but I tried eating some of my favorite Boars Head Honey Turkey and White American cheese and it just tasted so bland and gross. This is where I self-medicated with a few tokes of marijuana. I keep some marijuana around to help with the appetite but haven’t really been smoking much lately. I had to see if my taste buds would wake up a little and they sure did. I was able to finally eat something and actually enjoy the taste. It’s not very conducive if you have things to do but if you haven’t ate all day just take a few tokes and you’ll be good to go.


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