Chemo #1

Thursday August 18th was my first day of ABVD chemotherapy treatment. It starts off with a numbing spray and an insertion of a small needle into my port. For the first half hour you are on a drip of anti-nausea medication. The next step for me was the injection of the A drug, the red devil as they call it, that for me was the worst…the nurse injected it so quickly that I could taste and smell the drug immediately and it was extremely nauseated and not pleasant. The other drugs were easy, they were all on a drip and relatively painless.

When I got home I felt fine but the fatigue set in. I laid around most of the day and took it easy. The weekend really sucked, I had a really hard time eating well because as soon as I would take a bite of something I would get hit with a wave of nausea. I also would get waves of fatigue where I would need to immediately lay down in bed and take a nap.

Another problem that I’ve heard about with chemo but underestimated is the constipation…I used the bathroom fine after chemo but it took me 5 full days before I was able to get a bowel movement through. Laxatives were no match for the ABVD.

It’s Tuesday now and I went to school and had a really good day. I appreciate feeling great so much more now. It’s about 3-4 days of feeling pretty shitty, you lay around, take your anti-nausea medicine and try to eat a little. I’ve been drinking a ton of tea and water trying to flush my body constantly. I know this stuff is in my blood now but drinking definitely gets the remains out after they go through you.

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